Will Clarke


Will Clarke is a hard working house music producer and DJ. His roots in bass capital Bristol and party capital Ibiza have helped him develop a trademark style. What he succinctly describes as Bassline Jacking House is all about pleasing crowds.

Will started DJing early. His first gig was at a club in Bristol at the tender age of 13. His first trip to Ibiza, at 16, was also a DJ booking. At 17 he had a residency at Orange Corner, at 19 he had moved up to summer resident at Kanya, one of the coolest bars on the famous sunset strip. It was these early experiences, living and working in the world’s party capital, that led to Will’s decision to make a life out of music. “Me playing there”, he says, “felt natural straight away. I get on and work well there, it fits, it’s my second home.”

For Will, DJing and music production are in the blood. A DJ academy course and a music production course added some technical skill to his natural ability and love for the music and the job. Now he is busy DJing, including prestigious gigs at Space and MOS, and building his new club brand Cut a Rug, but the main focus is production. Will has a simple but powerful home studio and he is working on refining that trademark sound by making tunes and remixes for some of the coolest labels around: Riva Starr’s Snatch!, Robbie Rivera’s Juicy, Fatboy Slim’s Southern Fried, Roger Sanchez’s Stealth, Fedde Le Grand and Funkerman’s Flamingo and CR2.

So how do you make Bassline Jacking House? “I sample a lot of old school rave tracks from the 90s, with 21st Century production techniques.” Then add a little influence from Bristol – “There’s a bit of the Bristol sound in my releases, I always try to use a signature bassline.” And Ibiza – “My view is always to entertain the crowd, rather than the egos in the room, if you know what I mean, I make music for dancers, not DJs.”

Will Clarke is a talented, skilled, young producer who is already making strides in the dance music business with his own sound and a solid outlook. He has an impressive list of quality productions and remixes that is growing month by month and a great track record at his residencies and guest spots. You know you can trust him to come up with the goods in the studio and in the club.